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GENEALOGY (surnames, crests, family histories)

The Book of Crests
by Mike McLaren
The first book to include both Scottish and Scottish-American clan crests, and to depict both ancient and modern crests of Scottish clans.  The two hundred and fifty crests are beautifully drawn by the author/artist, and are alphabetically displayed -- one per page -- with the clan name, blazon, and motto with translation.  The blazons and mottoes are reprinted here exactly as they were originally put down by the heralds in the Court of the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh, Scotland.
pb  262pp
HB09     $22.50

The Book of Scots-Irish Surnames
by Robert Bell
This book has entries for over 500 of the most common surnames of the Irish province of Ulster with reference to thousands more.  It gives a history of each name, its original form, where it came from, and why it changed to what it is today.
pb  285pp
AB66     $18.95

Carolina Scots: An Historical and Genealogical Study of Over 100 Years of Emigration
by Douglas E. Kelly with Caroline Switzer Kelly
The new resource for Carolina Scots families.  Half history and half genealogy, it includes detailed information on the following migrant families:  Bethune, Buie, Black, Blue, Brown, Cameron, Carmichael, Clark, Conoly, Currie, Dalrymple, Darroch, Ferguson, Fairly, Gilchrist, Gillis, Graham, Johnson, Keith, Kelly, Henderson, Lindsay, MacQueen, Martin, McAllister, McArn, McCallum, McCaskill, McCall/McColl, McCrimmon/McCrummen, McDaniel, McDairmid, McIntyre, McIver, McKay, McKeithan, McKenzie, McKinnon, McLaurin, McLean, McLellan, McLeod, McMillan, McNair, McNeill, McPhaul, McRacken, McRae, Monroe/Munroe, Murchison, Patterson, Purcell, Smith, Torrey.  Scores of other names are mentioned in a complete index.
hb  485
DK01     $29.95

Clans and Chiefs
by Ian Grimble
This book is the classic account of the origin of the clan among the Celtic people of Europe.  It describes how the clan system was brought to Scotland, where it first enjoyed a new lease of life, and discusses its subsequent anachronism in a rapidly changing country.  Ian Grimble tells this extraordinary story as both a whole and through the eyes of its largest clan groupings--Gordons, Macgregors, Mackenzies, Stewarts, Macdonalds and Campbells.
pb  266
BOBD126     $19.95

Coats of Arms
by Andrew Stewart Jamieson
A Pitkin Guide.
A good introduction to the topic, heavily illustrated in full color.  Great for kids and adults!
pb  28
BOBD21     $5.50

Historic Families, Notable People, and Memorabilia of the Lennox
by Donald MacLeod, originally published in 1891
Covering the districts of Leven, Lochlomond and Cardross, this compendium of late 19th century biographical and historical skethces is a must for anyone with ancestors from the area!  The book features biographical sketches of prominant minsters, doctors, farmers, sheriffs, and other notable personages of teh late 19th century from Alexandria, Arrochar, Bonhill, Buchanan, Cardross, Jamestown, Kilmaronock, Luss and Renton.  Surnames found in this book include Bontine, de Backer, Ducal, Dunlop, Edmondstone, Ewing, Geils, Rouet, Smollett, Stirling, Wylie and more.  These skethces are presented along with a backdrop of general area history that reaches as far back as the 15th century!
pb  232pp
HB11     $22.00

Historical and Traditional Sketches of Highland Families and of the Highlands
by John MacLean, originally published in 1895
This book was actually written by Finlay Maclean, a son of John Maclean.  It is a compiliation of the recollections of the elder Maclean, who was well known as the "Inverness Centenarian." John Maclean lived from about 1747 to 1852, and this book was originally issued in 1848.  It is not intended as a rigorous and thorough historical work, but as a collection of stories of local interest.  The stories paint a picture of a Scotland in the 1600s and 1700s in which might and ruthlessness abounded.  There are accounts of cheifs, ruthless women, outlaws, smugglers, theives and others.    Toics include the clan MacIntosh; Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat; Lord President Forbes; Sir George MacKenzie; the Chisolm family; The MacKenzies of Redcastle; the Black Watch regiment; the Black Isle Cattle lifter; and much information about Inverness.
pb  191pp
HB01     $19.00

Macon County NC in the 1850 Census
by Barbara McRae and Rebekah Leverette
pb  183pp
TP     $22.00

Records of Macon County, NC:  1849-1858.  Deed Books F, G, H and I.
by Barbara Sears McRae
pb   136pp
TP     $25.00

Scots Kith and Kin: A Guide to the Clans and Surnames of Scotland
fold out map included
pb  96pp
BOBD65     $10.95

Scottish Christian Names
by Leslie Alan Dunkling
An A to Z of first names, looking at the origin and usage of names in Scotland.
pb  151pp
BOBD159     $7.95

Scottish Clan and Family Encyclopedia
by George Way of Plean and Romilly Squire
Collins books, Updated Edition
possibly the best and most comprehensive book on clan heraldry, history, and tartan
hb  512
BOBD67     $49.95

Scottish Clan and Family Names: Their Arms, Origins and Tartans
by Roddy Martine
forward by Sir Malcolm Innes of Edingight CVO Lord Lyon King of Arms
heraldic illustrations by Don Pottinger LVO MA DA Islay Herald
pb 224pp
BOBD138      $22.00

Scottish Forenames
by Donald Whyte
The most detailed book available on Scottish forenames, giving origins and meanings for hundreds of names.  Donald Whyte is ta founder member of the Scottish Genealogy Society and is President of the Association of Scottish Genealogists.
bp  204
AB61     $13.95

Scottish Heraldry
by M. D. Dennis
A Pitkin Guide.
Well illustrated in full color.  Great for kids and adults!
pb  25
BOBD21     $5.50

Scottish Roots: A Step-by-step Guide for Ancestor Hunters
by Alwyn James
No country offers better or richer facilities for tracking down your ancestors than Scotland -- and this book tells you just how to tap into that kind fund of information and services to trace your Scottish forebears.  It describes the wealth of information available, and tells you where it is housed and how to make full use of it, using the unique method of taking two Scots who could only give details as far back as their grandparents and showing just how, step-by-step, they each build up a substantial family tree.  The chapter, "Doing it from a distance" shows you how you can build up a fmaily tree even if you cannot get to the records in Edinburgh
pb  212pp
AB48     $15.95

Scottish Surnames
Collins Pocket Reference
Accurate derivations and explanations of over 1000 family names found in Scotland including occupation names, patronymics, nicknames and location names.  Alphabetically arranged for easy reference.  Includes the history and modern distribution of many names featured.
pb  363pp
BOBD48     $11.95

Tracing Scottish Ancestors
by Rosemary Bigwood
Collins Pocket Reference
An accessible, user-friendly handbok for everyone seeking their Scottish roots and family history.  Provides detailed guidance on the wide range of sources available to the genealogist and how to get the most from them.  Practical advice on using the records and on problem-solving when the trails run cold.  Features information for those of Scottish descent in North America, the Antipodes and others outwith Scotland.
pb  288
BOBD48     $11.95

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