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GENERAL HISTORY(Early & Medieval History, Jacobite Period, and Other)

Alba:  Celtic Scotland in the Medieval Era
ed by E. J. Cowan and R. Andrew McDonald
A group of distinguished Scottish medievalists examines various aspects of the history of Celtic, or Gaelic speaking, Scotland from the sub-Roman period to the sixteenth century.  It is the first such volume to scrutinize in detail the history of the Highlands and Islands incorporating the most up-to-date research.  Celtic Scotland in the Middle Ages has hitherto been neglected--this book fills the gap.  Published in 2000.
pb 282     $29.95

The Ancient Monuments of the Western Isles
by Noel Fojut, Denys Pringle and Bruce Walker
ed by Denys Pringle
Part of the Historic Scotland Series by the Stationary Office in Edinburgh
This colorful guide presents the archaeological and architectural heritage of the Western Isles of Scotland, concentrating on some of the best preserved sites and monuments that can be viewed by the public.  As an illustrated tour of some of the important sites, the book traces the progress of human habitation in the islands from the Neolithic period to modern times.
BOBD 134
pb 72pp     $10.95

The Black Douglases
by Michael Brown
pb  358     $24.50

The Battle of Bannockburn:  A Study in Medieval Warfare
by W. M. Mackenzie, M. A.
originally published in 1913.  Republished in 1997.
pb  114

Blind Harry's Wallace
trans. by William Hamilton of Gilbertfield
an 18th century translation of the 15th century epic poem on William Wallace
pb  227

The Bruce
by John Barbour
prose translation from Middle Scots by George Eyre-Todd
the fourteenth century epic poem about the Bruce's life.
pb368pp     $23.95

Celtic Christianity and Nature:  Early Irish and Hebridean Tradition
by Mary Low
the first comprehensive study of nature and the sacred in early medieval Ireland and the Hebrides
pb  232     $24.95

The Celts
by Nora Chadwick
a New Edition
pb  306     $16.95

The Declaration of Arbroath
by James Adam
The entire Declatation in the original Latin, and translations ito English, Scots, Gaelic, and modern Latin
pb  32pp     $8.50

The Early Stewart Kings:  Robert II and Robert III, 1371-1406
by Stephen Boardman
pb  348     $24.95

The Lords of the Isles:   The Clan Donald and the Early Kingdom of the Scots
by Ronald Williams
pb  270     $19.95

Mary Queen of Scots
by Rev. J. A. Carruth, MA
pb  38     $3.95

Medieval Scotland
by Peter Yeoman
an archaeological perspective
pb  128      $26.50

Medieval Scotland: Crown, Lordship and Community
edited by Alexander Grant & Keith J. Stringer
This book explores the central themes in the development of the medieval Scottish kingdom by analysing the interplay between Celtic and feudal influences; the political definition of the kingdom; crown-magnate relations; and the relationship between the local and national communities.  It admirably illuminates the characteristics of Scotland's medieval inheritance.  The represented authors of the essays are experts in their feild.
BOBD 137
pb 319pp    $29.95

The Picts and the Scots
by Lloyd and Jenny Laing
This highly readable book presents the latest archaeological discoveries and discusses the evidence for the relationship between these two peoples, tracing their development from raids on Roman Britain to the formation of rival Dark Age kingdoms that produced a unique artisitc inheritance.
AB 73
pb  172pp     $15.95

Robert the Bruce
by Alan Bold
pb  21     $5.50

A Wee Guide to the Picts
by Duncan Jones
The Picts ruled much of Scotland in the Dark Ages and had a strong and distinct culture--yet little survives of this warlike and artistic people.  This Wee Guide describes what is known about the history of the Picts, and discusses the enigma of their symbol stones. A gazetteer of Pictish sites lists the best symbol stones and museums to visit, and the text is enhanced by many illustrations and maps.
pb  86     $7.95

A Wee Guide to Mary, Queen of Scots
by Joyce Miller
Mary, Queen of Scots was one of Scotland's most enigmatic and tragic monarchs.  This book covers her life:  her birth at a time of strife, marriage to the Dauphin of France, return to Scotland as Queen, imprisonment and execution in England.  Fifty places to visit associated with mary are included, providing information about opening and facilities.  Many maps and illustrations included.
pb 88     $7.95

A Wee Guide to Robert the Bruce
by Duncan Jones and Alison L. Rae
Want to refresh your knowledge of the Bruce?  Wish you knew more but don't have the time to become an expert?  This wee guide is perfect for you!  Concise, yet thourough--also provides details of 30 sites to visit in Scotland.
pb   88pp     $7.95

A Wee Guide to William Wallace
by Duncan Jones
Want to refresh your knowledge of William Wallace?  Wish you knew more but don't have the time to become an expert?  This wee guide is perfect for you!  Concise, yet thourough--also provides details of 30 sites to visit in Scotland.
pb   88pp     $7.95

The Bonnie Prince Charlie Country and the 1745 Jacobite Rising
by Rev. J. A. Carruth, MA
pb  38     $5.50

by John Prebble
pb  360     $12.95

Culloden 1746:  The Highland Clans' Last Charge
by Peter Harrington
Osprey Campaign Series
pb  96pp     $15.95

Flora MacDonald: The Most Loyal Rebel
by Hugh Douglas
pb  259     $17.95

The Gentle Lochiel: The Cameron Chief and Bonnie Prince Charlie
The life of Donald Cameron of Lochiel, of the '45
by John S Gibson
pb  96     $9.95

by John Prebble
the terrible story of the Highland massacre
pb  304     $15.95

The Highland Clearances
by John Prebble
pb  336     $19.95

History of the Highland Clearances
by Alexander MacKenzie
introduction by John Prebble
An unparalleled account of the clearances given by the author as well as those that lived through them.
pb  528pp     $21.95

The Jacobite Clans of the Great Glen: 1650-1784
by Bruce Lenman
An original look at the Scottish clan system and its conflicts with Cornwallian and Hanovarian armies, focussing on a group of clans in the central Highlands of Scotland.  The life and structure of the clans themselves lie at the heart of this book.
pb  246pp     $26.95

The Jacobite Rebellions 1689-1745
by  Michael Barthorp and G. A. Embleton
Osprey Men-at-Arms Series
pb  40pp     $12.95

The Prince and the Pretender:  Two Views of the '45
by A. J. Youngson
This highly original book takes us closer to the truth of the '45 than any other before it.
pb  270pp     $25.95

Rebellion: Bonnie Prince Charlie and the 1745 Jacobite Uprising
by George Forbes
pb  86     $11.95

Rob Roy MacGregor
by Nigel Tranter
The true and fascinating story of Rob Roy.
pb  192     $15.95

A Wee Guide to The Jacobites
Charles Sinclair
Want to refresh your knowledge of the Jacobite era?  Wish you knew more but don't have the time to become an expert?  This wee guide is perfect for you!  Concise, yet thourough--also provides details of 50 sites to visit in Scotland.
pb   88pp     $7.95

The Burns Encyclopedia
by Maurice Lindsay
the Bible for Burnsians!  Covers every aspect of his life.
pb  426     $17.95

Castles of Scotland
by David R. Cook
pb  32     $3.95

Celtic Design:  Knotwork, the Secret Method of the Scribe
by Aidan Meehan
pb  159     $12.95

Celtic Saints
A Pitkin Guide
pb  20  $5.50

Celtic Women:  Women in Celtic Society and Literature
by Peter Berresford Ellis
Celtic women have often been looked to by today's feminists as role models for their own fight against patriarchal consciousness.  Recent scholarly debate, however, has turned the role of women in ancient Celtic society into a contemporary battleground.  Ellis examines this debate, starting with Boudicca, and moving on to other historical, literary, and mythological evidence, providing an informed and comprehensive perspective on women's role in Celtic society.
BOBD 135
pb  288pp     $22.00

Clans and Chiefs
by Ian Grimble
This book is the classic account of the origin of the clan among the Celtic people of Europe.  It describes how the clan system was brought to Scotland, where it first enjoyed a new lease of life, and discusses its subsequent anachronism in a rapidly changing country.  Ian Grimble tells this extraordinary story as both a whole and through the eyes of its largest clan groupings--Gordons, Macgregors, Mackenzies, Stewarts, Macdonalds and Campbells.
pb  266     $19.95

Collins Encyclopedia of Scotland
ed by John Keny and Julia Keny
a mine of information!
hb  1046     $74.95

A Dictionary of Scottish History
by Gordon Donaldson and Robert S. Morpeth
234 close packed pages of facts, dates, events, titles, instructions, offices, clans, persons, places, customs, legends, etc.
BOBD 131
pb 234pp     $22.00

Dirt & Deity: A Life of Robert Burns
by Ian McIntyre
the biography of Burns
pb  461     $15.95

Greyfriars Bobby: The Real Story at Last
by Forbes Macgregor
pb  63     $7.95

The Healers:  A History of Medicine in Scotland
by David Hamilton
from the Dark Ages to the 20th century
pb  318     $19.95

Healing Threads:  Traditional Medicines of the Highlands and Islands
by Mary Beith
This book traces the historu of Highland folk medicine from earliest times in Part I and Part II gives a directory of remedies, curses and practices.
pb  294pp     $19.95

Highland Folk Ways
by I. F. Grant
The classic book on the ancient customs, crafts and techniques of the Scottish Highlands.
pb  377pp     $17.95

Highland Life & Lore
by Colin MacDonald
Croft & Ceilidh and Highland Memories--two classic accounts of crofting life brought into a single volume.
pb  160pp     $21.95

Highland Papers Volume III
ed by J. R. N. MacPhail, K.C.
originally published in 1920.  Republished in 1995.
Covers 1662-1677, including an account on witchcraft.  An account of the memorial for John of Farsifen in 1753, Highland religious conditions, papers on Kintyre, the Western Highlands, and the Isialnds, and more!
pb  388     $24.50

Highlanders:  A History of the Gaels
by John MacLeod
From Mesolithic man, through the Celts, the Vikings and the Lords of the Isles, to the Stuart monarchy, this book examines the terrible events following Culloden and the forced emigrations, the Evangelical Movement and the Crofters' War.  Bringing the story right up to date, he looks at the current situation with the decline of the Gaels and the struggle of the Highland people to redefine themselves in a changing world.
BOBD 132
pb  372pp     $19.95

A History of the Scottish People 1560-1830
by T. C. Smout
pb  540     $19.95

Independant and Free: Scottish Politics and the Origins of the Scottish National Party 1918-1945
by Richard J. Finlay
pb  259     $24.50

The Loch Ness Monster
by Lynn Picknett
pb  20     $5.50

Monarchs of Scotland
by Stewart Ross
The Intriguing Story of the Kings and Queens of the independant nation of Scotland, from Kenneth MacAlpin to Queen Anne, and the key role they played in the creation and preservation of the Scottish kingdom.
pb  192     $15.95

Scotland: A Concise History
by James Halliday
A masterful summary of Scotland's story, from the remote past to recent events.
pb  159pp     $14.00

Scotland:  A New History
by Michael Lynch
the best single colume, comprehensive history of Scotland published today
pb  506pp     $17.95

Scotland's Story
by Tom Steel
a good comprehensive history
pb  416     $15.95

The Scots Kitchen: Its Traditions and Lore with Old-Time Recipes
by F. Marian McNeill
Not just a recipe book, this volume also includes an account of eating and drinking in Scotland through the ages.
pb  259pp     $19.95

Scottish Clans
by Alan Bold
pb  20pp     $3.95

Scottish Customs from the Cradle to the Grave
by Margaret Bennett
Dr. Bennet regularly teaches at the Swannanoa Gathering in NC.  She is from the Isle of Skye and has taught at the Edinburgh University School of Scottish Studies. She is currently teaching at Glasgow University. This book is in three sections--Childbirth and Infancy; Love, Courtship and Marraige; Death and Burial.
pb  298pp     $23.00

Scottish Historical Documents
by Prof. Gordon Donaldson
from Bede's Ecclesiastical History to the Articles of Union
pb  287     $25.00

Scottish Land-Names, Thier Origin and Meaning
by Sir Herbert Maxwell, Bart., M.D., originally published in 1894
pb  219pp     $21.95

Scottish Myths & Customs
by C. Shaw
Collins Pocket Reference
pb  236     $11.95

The Story of Scotland
by Nigel Tranter
Scotland's story cannot be told in terms merely of documentary evidence, for this would be to neglect an integral part of the nation's heritage.  The legends, myths, stories and memories handed down from generation to generation must be added to the bare bones of factual record if the character of the country is to be truly revealed.  Nigel Tranter combines the two with a masterly hand, expertly weaving the colourful threads of folklore into the fabric of historical fact.  Nigel Tranter has written over 70 historic novels set in Scotland, and in this book traces Scotland's history from before written record to the 19th century.
pb  266pp     $15.95

A Wee Guide to The Castles and Mansions of Scotland
by Martin Coventry
Scotland has a wealth of grim strongholds, brooding tower houses, fine palaces and historic houses.  This book details 147 castles and mansions which are open to the public, supplying handy information on opening, facilities, and location.  With a clear map, many illustrations and a comprehensive index, this book is an invaluable, easy-to-use guide for everyone who enjoys visiting these fascinating buildings.
pb  90     $7.95

A Wee Guide to the Haunted Castles of Scotland
by Martin Coventry
Many of Scotland's castles are reputedly haunted, with manifestations from Green Ladies to ghostly cannonballs, headless Comyns to dying Ogilvies, handless pipers to spectral drummers.  With a map, many photos, opening times and facilities for places to visit, this wee guide lists over 120 of these strongholds, including Edinburgh, Stirling, Cawdor, Breamar, Dunrobin, Fyvie and Crathes castles.
pb  86     $7.95

A Wee Guide to Robert Burns
by Dilys Jones
This book covers his life from his birth as a farmer's son, his days as a successful poet in Edinburgh, to his death at 37 as an Exciseman, worn down by money worries and illness.  Also included are 25 places to visit; and the full text of some of his well known poems.
pb  86     $7.95

A Wee Guide to Scottish History
by Martin Coventry
With clear maps and photos, this wee guide makes sence of Scotland's past, describing events and people that shaped the nation, from St. Columba to Macbeth, Robert the Bruce to Mary Queen of Scots, James VI to Bonnie Prince Charlie.  Details over 200 historic places to visit, with information on opening and facilities, are also included.
pb  90     $7.95

Why Scottish History Matters
ed by Rosalind Mitchison
pb  117     $14.95

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