Cherokee Heritage Trails

    The Scottish Tartans Museum is the Macon County hub for the newly unveiled Cherokee Heritage Trail.  For more information on the Cherokee Heritage Trail, please visit their web page at  The Scottish people who settled in what is now the Macon County area had much involvement with the native Cherokee, from trade, to armed conflict, to intermarriage!  To highlight and explore this Scottish/Cherokee relation, the Scottish Tartans Museum has expanded its exhibit gallery to include a newly renovated Cherokee room.
    This room features exhibits chronicling certain famous Scottish/Cherokee relationships.  Featured historical figures will include Sir Alexander Cuming, Colonel Archibald Montgomery, trader John Stuart, Alexander Cameron, Ludovic Grant.  Perhaps the most famous Cherokee-Scot was John Ross, principal Chief of the Cherokee when the Treaty of New Echota was negotiated in 1835, resulting in the infamous Trail of Tears migration of most of the tribe to the Indian Territory, now Oklahoma.


Mural depicting Nikwasi (present Franklin NC) in the eighteenth century, during the time of Montgomery's campaign.