Matthew Newsome's Patented Advice For First Time Kilt Wearers
by Matthew A. C. Newsome

Thinking of getting a kilt?  Allow kilt expert Matthew Newsome to guide you through the ins and outs of purchasing and wearing your first kilt.  Newsome has years of experience not only selling kilts, but also wearing kilts, of all different styles, on a nearly daily basis.  He'll help you select your tartan, determine the best kilt weight, and what style of kilt you want to invest in.  He'll also tell you what to avoid.  You'll also find good, common sense information on just what to wear (and what not to wear) with your kilt.  Before you invest in a kilt, invest in this book!
Available in Paperback for $8.95
The Art of Kiltmaking by Barbara Tewksbury and Elsie Stuehmeyer  2nd ed.

Kiltmaker and award-winning educator Barbara Tewksbury has teamed up with legendary kiltmaker Elsie Stuehmeyer to bring you a book that teaches the traditional kiltmaking methods that Elsie learned 50 years ago as an apprentice and kiltmaker with the renowned firm Thomas Gordon's of Glasgow.  These instructions are complete, detailed and beautifully illustrated.  With them, anyone can be confident of making a properly-made kilt that will look beautiful, fit properly, and last a lifetime.  Includes a brief history of the kilt, explanations and illustrations for every step in the kiltmaking process, over 70 color photos and hundreds of line drawings, instructions for taking care of and altering a kilt, and a list of tartan sources and suppliers.  140 pages.
Spiral bound paperback for $34.95
The Unclaimed & Unnamed Tartans by James A. Bullman

"Over the centuries, Scottish mills have designed and woven many tartans which have not been specifically labeled as a district, corporate, or family tartan.  These tartans often were woven for special occasions, or simply because the designer thought that they would be an interesting fashion tartan for manufacturers of clothing and other items.  Many of these tartans are extremely attractive and could be adopted easily for family or corporate use.  This new work by James A. Bullman contains a study of these lost or forgotten tartans, including full-color illustrations of well over a hundred of these fascinating historical designs."

Available in CD-ROM for $14.95
Early Highland Dress by Matthew A. C. Newsome

"When one begins to research the history of Highland dress, it quickly becomes apparent that prior to the seventeenth century reliable information becomes hard to find, if available at all.  Books may have a few introductory paragraphs dealing with this early period, but whole chapters detailing the characteristic tartans and plaids of seventeenth and eighteenth century Scotland.  To be fair, the historic record is not nearly as complete for this earlier period as it is for later centuries. . . Here, in this little volume, I hope to share the fruits of that research, dispel some myths, and with any luck inspire the reader to further investigation. . ."  Matthew Newsome, curator of the Scottish Tartans Museum
Spiral Bound Paperback for $15.95
The Compendium of District Tartans by Matthew A. C. Newsome and James A. Bullman
mixed media print edition
This print edition includes the introductory chapters, the recommended tartan name listings, and the general index for every included tartan.  On the two included CD-ROM disks, you will find the complete 470 page reference containing color illustrations, thread count, and history for each of the district tartans. The printed name lists and index make this edition extremely user-friendly for desk reference as well as at information tables at festivals and Scottish Games.
Spiral bound text with two CD-ROMS (Adobe software included).  470 pages.  Only $19.95