All About Your Kilt by Bob Martin

A history of the kilt and advice for modern kilt wearers from Bob Martin, FSTS, kilt maker and kilt historian extraordinaire!

CD-ROM featuring full color illustrations for $12.95
Early Highland Dress by Matthew A. C. Newsome

"When one begins to research the history of Highland dress, it quickly becomes apparent that prior to the seventeenth century reliable information becomes hard to find, if available at all.  Books may have a few introductory paragraphs dealing with this early period, but whole chapters detailing the characteristic tartans and plaids of seventeenth and eighteenth century Scotland.  To be fair, the historic record is not nearly as complete for this earlier period as it is for later centuries. . . Here, in this little volume, I hope to share the fruits of that research, dispel some myths, and with any luck inspire the reader to further investigation. . ."  Matthew Newsome, curator of the Scottish Tartans Museum
CD-ROM for  $12.95
The Compendium of District Tartans by Matthew A. C. Newsome and James A. Bullman
mixed media print edition
This print edition includes the introductory chapters, the recommended tartan name listings, and the general index for every included tartan.  On the two included CD-ROM disks, you will find the complete 470 page reference containing color illustrations, thread count, and history for each of the district tartans. The printed name lists and index make this edition extremely user-friendly for desk reference as well as at information tables at festivals and Scottish Games.
2-disk CD-ROM set.  470 pages.  Only $14.95
Old Irish & Highland Dress by H. F. McClintock
Originally published 1943.  This classic and elusive work provides a detailed study of the dress of the Highlanders and the Irish in ancient times, with illustrations drawn from archival sources.  It provides a wealth of information on the dress of these two closely related Celtic lands.  Many of the illustrations are unique and are invaluable in understanding the development of men's and women's dress in the period from earliest times through the eighteenth century. There is a chapter on the dress of the Isle of Man as well.
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The Kilt & How to Wear It by The Hon. Stuart Ruaidri Erskine (1901), with annotations by Bob Martin
The late 19th century produced renewed interest in Celtic studies and in the dress of the Highland families.  This work by one of the leading authorities of his day examines the extent of Celtic society, the origin of tartan, the supremacy of checks over family tartans, the evolution of the kilt, and the origin, coloration, and style of the other component parts of Highland dress.  Erskine refutes many of the arguments of Lord Archibald Campbell regarding the antiquity of family tartans, and while stressing the use of authentically Celtic colors and styles when possible, presents a convincing case for the kilt and its accoutrements as a living and evolving style of dress.  Kiltmaker and kilt historian Bob Martin has gone through the text line by line, and has annotated and commented on aspects of Erskine's ideas with particular attention to their relevance for those wearing the kilt today.
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The Clans, Septs, and Regiments of the Scottish Highlands by Frank Adams
Originally published in 1907. 546 pages, plus illustrations.  Possibly the most famous book on Scotland published in the 20th century, Frank Adam's work is a classic reference for all who have an interest in Scotland.  When it first appeared in print, it was the first real attempt to present a complete study of the Highlands.  Adam included large sections on the Highland clan system, the clans themselves, Highland surnames, Highland garb, tartan, Highland music, the Celtic languages in Britain, the destruction of the clan system, Highland regiments, Lowland regiments, the Highland clans after Culloden, and armorial bearings of the great Highland families.  There are as well illustrations of the various stages and sorts of Highland dress, maps showing Scotland's development through the centuries, and color illustrations of 114 tartans.  Still as useful as a detailed reference as it was a century ago.
Available on CD-ROM  for $12.95