Your purchase from the Scottish Tartans Museum gift shop already benefits Scottish heritage by contributing to the operating budget of the Museum and supporting our ongoing educational efforts.

But your gift shop purchase could be doing even more to support the Scottish heritage community!  Your clan society could be receiving 5% of your purchase total* as a donation.

How Does It Work?
It's simple.  Here's how it works.
1. Your clan society needs to be an Affiliate Member of the Scottish Tartans Museum.
2. Shop our gift shop catalog, merrily adding items to your cart as normal.
3. When you check out, click on the "add special instructions" option.
4. Simply enter the name of your clan society in the instruction field.
5. Complete your purchase as normal.

That's it!  It is as simple as that.  5% of your order total will be given to your designated clan society as a thank you for supporting our museum.

Contact your clan society and encourage them to become an Affiliate Member of the Scottish Tartans Museum so they can start benefiting today!

*5% is based on order total before taxes and shipping.