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With 350 hives covering 100 square miles of Dumfries & Galloway, John Mellis is fast becoming known as one of Scotlandís most successful bee farmers, with his honey in great demand for itís unique flavour.
The distinctive flavour of his honey is down to the countryside the hives are positioned in, with trees, wild flowers and heather providing the nectar the bees need. The award winning blossom honeycomb is produced in spring, and its delightful flavour is the result of hawthorn and sycamore. John Mellis works hard at achieving such distinctive flavours in his honey, actually transporting hives throughout the season to the most interesting flower sources to save the bees making long flights in search of their precious nectar!
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Scottish Blossom Honey
A blend of honey from various floral sources, harvested throughout the summer and with a mild, sweet flavour. Nectar from many sources including clover, willowherb, lime, wild raspberry, and bramble. Smooth creamed texture including some oil seed rape which helps to give the fine texture.

Scottish Honey
Gathered on the moors in late summer. Includes Clover, bell and Ling Heather. Formerly Scottish Heath & Wild Flower Honey.

Heather Honey
The connoisseur's choice made solely from the nectar from Scotland's heather that blooms in August. A distinctive light "smokey" flavor that characterises heather honey in a class of its own.