Great Kilt Tartan Colors
our Great Kilts, Arasaids, and Moggans all available in these tartans
Wool/Acrylic blend: Royal Stewart, Dress Stewart, Black Stewart, Black Watch,
Wallace, Brodie, non-clan (Buchanan)

100% Wool: Yellow and Black motif (non clan), Grey and Red motif (non-clan).

non-clan (buchanan)
Non clan (similar to Buchanan)

Yellow and Black motif (non clan)

Black Watch

Dress Stewart

Royal Stewart

Black Stewart

Grey and Red motif (non-clan)



The great kilt was worn in the period after 1590 and up until the end of the 18th century. During this time, clans and families did not have specific tartans to designate their affiliations and men and women wore whatever tartan they wanted. Certain colors were harder to obtain and cost more. Natural shades were much preferred because they blended with the natural vegetation. Upper class nobles would prefer brighter tones that stood out more. Please feel free to wear whatever tartan you desire or order your own clan tartan at extra cost.

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