The Highlander
Great Kilt Package

  please phone us to place your order for this custom package!
Great Kilt  60" wide and 5 yards in length.  Instruction sheet provided for how to wear.  This garment was worn in the time before the advent of clan tartans ( click here for a history ).  Tartans were worn based on availability of colors, cost, and personal taste.  Choose from among these: Wool/Acrylic blend: Royal Stewart, Dress Stewart, Black Stewart, Black Watch, Wallace, Brodie, red/green/yellow non-clan (similar to Buchanan). 100% Wool: Yellow and Black motif (non clan), Grey and Red motif (non-clan). Click here to see our colors

Jacobite "Highlander" Shirt M, L, XL, or XXL (XXXL available for special order)

Moggans  woolen leggings--choose the same tartan as your kilt or a contrasting color.  Available in the same colors as the great kilt.

Elk Hide Sporran  simple, early style leather pouch

Highland Bonnet   100% felted wool, with drawstring to size.  Choose light blue (most common), dark blue, green or red

Penannular Brooch   large brass pin for your shoulder

Leather Belt  black or brown leather belt with nickel-plated buckle

Ghillie Brouges   simple, easy to follow pattern for making your own authentic leather shoes.

Dirk  Culloden Dirk:   Excellent reproduction piece.  Style common from 1590 on into the 18th century.  Comes with fitted brown leather sheath.  Single-edged blade, wedge shaped in cross section, tapered to a wicked point.  Hilt is of hand carved streaked ebony, with a brass pommel.

COST:  $250.00 without dirk / $350.00 with dirk
*substitute your clan tartan in 100% worsted wool, woven in Scotland, for $600.00 ($650 with dirk).  Allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.

Culloden Dirk