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In searching for a tartan, many are surprised to discover the thousands of tartans currently on record.  And new ones are being added each year -- some new discoveries of old tartan designs, others new tartans created either by private individuals or those in the tartan industry.  To help find just the tartan you want, we are happy to bring you, in conjunction with the Scottish Tartans Authority, the "Tartan Ferret" search engine.

Linked into the International Tartan Index (recognized as the industry standard), the "Ferret" allows you to search by tartan name or color -- it will even allow you to search for a surname to see what tartans it may be affiliated with.

Please note that not every tartan in the Index is available from stock.  If you are looking specifically for tartans that may be purchased through our gift shop, please browse the availability lists for the major woolen mills that supply us.  If your tartan is not available from stock, we will be glad to have it woven for you (assuming it is not a proprietary tartan).

Clicking the below link will open the "Tartan Ferret" in a new window.  After you have completed your search, close the window to return to this page.  Happy hunting!
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