Care of Your Kilt

CLEANING:  Most say to dry clean your kilt only, and this is certainly a safe bet.  However, if you wish to wash your kilt yourself, here is the recommended method.  Spot the cloth by using undiluted Woolite (or equivalent) on the especially soiled areas and rub thoroughly.  Fill your bathtub with 6 inches of cold water and 12 capfulls of Woolite.  Swish your kilt around in the water, soaking the entire garment.  Fold the kilt as it is worn, then lay it front down in the soapy water.  Soak for an hour.  Then hold it over the tub letting the dirty water drain off.  Now hang your kilt on the clothesline and soak with a garden hose to rinse.  Take care to make sure all soap is removed, especially between the pleats.  Let it drip dry, out of direct sunlight.  Your pleats should not loose all of their press, but you may repress with a steam iron and a pressing cloth.

STORAGE:  Always hang your kilt as it is folded around your body (i.e. with the aprons overlapping and the buckles fastened)  If your kilt has two loops in the waistband, as a military kilt does, simply fold the kilt over once, pleats out, and hang from these loops.  If your kilt has no loops, hang it from a trouser-clamp hanger, again, folded pleats out.

PLEATS:  See under "cleaning" above for instruction on pressing pleats.  You should not have to do this often.  To keep your pleats neat while sitting, always straighten the kilt from the hips down as you sit.  Observe how ladies sit in a dress or skirt.  It is very simple.

YOUR KILT PIN: This is not meant to be pinned through both layers of your kilt.  Pin this to the top layer only.  The purpose is decoration--not to hold your kilt apron down.  The kilt will hang easier if you do not pin it all the way through, and it reduces the risk that you may tear your kilt accadentally.  Some people have problems with the clasp of their kilt pin coming loose and their pin falling out and being lost.  To prevent this, one idea it to take the eraser off of a pencil and run it through the back of your pin as you pin it on your kilt.  If the clasp should come loose, the eraser will keep your pin from falling off.

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