We will gratefully accept a monetary donation of any amount you feel you can give.  If you wish to donate all or part of the cost of a display panel or case, you or your business/organization will be credited as a sponsor with a plaque on that display.  Requested donation amounts to sponsor displays, both in part and in full, are shown below.  No donation is too small (or too large!), so thank you in advance for your support of our educational efforts.

1 display panel $1000
1/2 display panel $500
1/4 display panel $250
Full Grand Display Case $10,000
1/2 Grand Display Case$5,000
1/4 Grand Display Case$2,500
Full Single Mannequin Case $4,000
1/2 Single Mannequin Case $2,000
1/4 Single Mannequin Case $1,000
Full Double Mannequin Case $8,000
1/2 Double Mannequin Case $4,000
1/4 Double Mannequin Case $2,000
Full Croft Display $4,000
1/2 Croft Display $2,000
1/4 Croft Display $1,000
Full Stairway Display $4,000
1/2 Stairway Display $2,000
1/4 Stairway Display $1,000
Sponsors of full or partial displays will be recognized with a plaque on the rennovated display area.
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