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Gentleman's Kilt

Measurement and Order form


Please use this form when ordering your kilt.  If ordering on line, please fill out this form on line, including credit card information and submit below.  If ordering by mail, please print this form, fill it out, and send it to us at:

The Scottish Tartans Museum

86 E Main St

Franklin NC 28734


You may also phone in your order at (828) 524-7472 between 10am and 5pm Eastern time, Monday through Saturday.

We need the following information to order your kilt:


Shipping Address


City:      State:

Country:    Zip or Postal Code:

Daytime phone number:

Nighttime phone number:



Billing Address (if different from above)



City:      State:

Country:    Zip or Postal Code:

Daytime phone number:

Nighttime phone number:



Style of kilt:

Weight of cloth:

Tartan choice:

Color scheme:

Please make sure that your desired tartan is available in your selected weight range.  You can check tartan availability here:

10 oz light weight

13 oz medium weight

16 oz heavy weight single width

16 oz heavy weight double width


Waist:      Hips:    

Total length:

Please refer to the measurement guide at right.  The waist measurement (8) should be taken just above the navel, over a shirt, to a snug fit.  The hip measurement (10) should be taken at the broadest point of your hips and can be loose.  The finished length of the kilt (9) can be taken while kneeling, back straight, from just above the navel to 1" above the floor.  This will make a kilt that falls to the middle of the knee.  Subtract 1" for a kilt to the top of the knee, or 2" for a kilt that is above the knee.

Height:       Weight:

Height and weight are asked to provide a comparison for your measurements.


Pleat to:

If to stripe, which color line?:

If left blank, kilts pleated to stripe will be to kiltmaker's choice. Casual kilts cannot be pleated to stripe.


Cost of kilt:

Please refer to our kilt page for pricing information.

A 50% non-refundable deposit will be charged to your card when you place the order.  The remaining balance will be applied when the kilt is delivered.


If you are ordering a kilt package, please provide the information below.  Otherwise, skip this section.

Starter Package

Sporran color:

Kilt Hose color:

Garter Flashes color:

Semi-Formal Package or Prince Charlie Formal Package

Please fill out the information above for the Starter Package plus the following:

Jacket Size:

Shoe Size:

Casual Games Package

Shirt size:

Belt color:

Sporran style:

Sporran color:

Kilt Hose size:

Garter Flashes color: 


All packages receive a 5% discount from the purchase cost.  You will be notified of the exact amount for your custom package.


Please provide payment information:

Card Type:

Card number:

Expiration date:


Average delivery time for your kilt is 8 to 10 weeks. If you have a specific deadline, please let us know.

Additional Instructions:





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