Crest Badges


Sterling Silver Crest Badge

Artist Don Kimble has been making crest badges for 25 years that can only be described as family heirlooms. These badges are solid sterling silver, with fine heraldic detail, a highly polished finish and a hand engraved motto. The appropriate size and weight was thoroughly researched, making these badges slightly smaller and lighter than the mass-produced, heavy badges typically seen today. The strap and buckle forms the outer ring of every Scottish clan crest badge. This part of the badge is struck from sterling silver sheet by a hardened steel die and then trimmed of the excess silver flashing by a computerized cutting machine. Unlike other clan badges that are shaped through a one-step casting process, Don's multi-step assembly method provides a smooth surface which allows him to polish your crest badge to a high luster like you'd expect of any other piece of quality jewelry. The original crest for each clan badge is then reproduced in sterling silver through a centrifugal casting process, hand finished, polished and then soldered into the center of the strap and buckle. The assembled badge is then polished again and the clan's motto is engraved into the surface of the sterling silver outer strap further distinguishing our clan crest badges as the quality jewelry that they are. Since every badge is made one at a time your specific and unique requirements can usually be accommodated. Our goal is to create a piece that you will not only be proud to wear but one worthy of passing on to your progeny.


When ordering the Sterling Siver Crest Badge, please specify your Clan Crest


Kilt Pins

Made from old fashioned pewter with a soft brushed (or matt) finish.

Crest Badges

We offer both Pewter brushed or polished and sterling silver badges.

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