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Fly Plaid: $155.00

A fly plaid makes an elegant addition to your formal Highland ensemble. Our fly plaid averages 40" square, with a fringe on all four sides. The fringe may either be purled or straight. The fly plaid looks best when it matches your kilt. For this reason, the more information you can provide to us when you place your order, the better we will be able to serve you. The actual cost of the fly plaid may vary depending upon the weight of the wool, and what mill wove the tartan. Purled fringe also adds to the cost. Please fill out the form below to request a price quote for your specific fly plaid. Our fly plaids will normally fall within the $155 to $325 price range.

NOTES: It is recommended that the fly plaid be made from the same weight tartan as your kilt, in cloth from the same woolen mill, to insure the best possible match. If you do not know which woolen mill wove the cloth for your kilt, or do not have a preference, please select "not sure." Pricing on our fly plaids begins at $155, with heavier weight cloth costing more. Purled fringing also adds to the cost, as the purling process is very labor intensive.