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and tartan name research

"What's my tartan?"  That's the question that gets asked of us most often at the Scottish Tartans Museum.  For a small fee, our museum staff will research any family name for you, and recommend a particular tartan to identify with that name, from our database of nearly 3000 unique tartan designs.  For many, this will be a clan or family tartan based on the history of that particular surname.  For others, it will be a district tartan that represents the region where the name originated, or held lands.  In any case, your particular name is individually researched and the tartan selected that best identifies with that name.  For many names, more than one tartan may be appropriate to wear!  In this case, the most common tartan for that name is selected.

For a $10.00 donation to the Scottish Tartans Museum, you will receive a letter, on official Museum letterhead, signed by the curator of the Scottish Tartans Museum, explaining why this particular tartan was chosen for your name.  You will also receive a full color print out on high quality paper of your tartan, with brief historical notes* and the full thread count of the tartan -- suitable for framing or inclusion in your family genealogy notebook. 

If you already know the name of the particular tartan, or can provide the STS registry number, for a $5.00 donation we will be glad to send you a color print of the tartan, again on high quality paper, with historical notes* and thread count.

For either option, if no tartan can be found for your name, or if the requested tartan is not in our database, you will be notified via email and your donation will be refunded.

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*the amount of historical information provided with each tartan will vary from tartan to tartan.  At minimum, the information will include a complete thread count.

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